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 Let design be more. 

Design is not just a pretty face.

We believe design allows buildings to do so much more than just provide shelter. There are spaces that comfort, places that calm, rooms that embrace and volumes that inspire.

At Yo.Ch, we want to craft spaces that influence people through design.

At the Studio


Principal   |   Design Director

Coffee drinker with a weakness for fun socks.
Gets the butterflies in beautiful spaces.
A true believer in space influencing users.

"Architecture.. expresses and relates man's being in the world"

- Juhani Pallasmaa


Associate   |   Project Director

Basketball lover and serial snacker.
Ongoing battle between form and function since 2009.
Drawn to simple yet impactful design.

"We shape our building; thereafter they shape us"

- Winston Churchill

 Let's Work Together 

Yo.Ch is based in Kuala Lumpur. We’re happy to listen to your ideas (and stories)!

Architecture | Interior | Home Curation | Concept Design

Contact Yo.Ch for more info.

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